If you’re in a public event with media present, unless you specifically say that you don’t want your picture taken, assume that it will be taken.

If you pose in front of the camera, assume your picture we be taken.

If you tell someone beforehand, they can direct you someplace where incidental pictures don’t include you. If you don’t and then set up across from them assume you’ll be in pictures.

If you don’t tell someone until after the pictures are already taken, you need to understand they already exist.

Telling someone after the pictures exist puts everyone in a bad position. Don’t do that.

Pictures taken now are posted on the internet. That’s how now works. We no longer send an envelope of 3×5’s to people; we post that to a Facebook or a photo hosting site. That’s just what goes on now — that’s how the world works unless you make pre-arrangements otherwise.

Gaahhhh… you can’t begin to understand how frustrated I am right now. When I’m looking to build a noncommercial portfolio (in addition to taking pictures of and getting together with friends and family) the amount of suck this injects into the subject matter is astonishing. So much suck… so so much suck.