I have a set of P3 lights that I got from Skene Design a while ago. They work great. But they’ve also got me thinking about other things like that.

It started years ago — it started with the idea of what would I do with an 8-pin microcontroller. At the time I was rather ahead of my time since I even added turn-indicators before the folks over at Skene thought of it. Heck, maybe I gave them the idea.

Time passes… now I’m thinking along the same lines, but what if I didn’t simply have the left and right sets of lights as simply banks of lights? What if I was able to control each set? Maybe even change color or something cool like that?


Enter: the addressable LEDs!

With just a few parts — less than before in fact — I can make the same result as I did last time, but now with full RGB lights.


More features!

  • Control color between braking and turn indicator
  • Animation for turn indicator (like scrolling on and off yellow lights)
  • Sense hazard and maybe make it cycle between red and some other color

I’m still trying to figure out a use for blue… but I’m not really sure.