When I was flying back from Cleveland I remember reading my Kindle on the plane. I had my arm angled in a way that when I was holding the E-reader my arm was next to the window. On the left side of the plane heading west (at least in the northern hemisphere) the sun was shining through the window.

I remember my watch getting a bit warm to the touch.

Time passes.

I looked down at my watch yesterday and I realized that there was a bit of hazy condensation on the inside of the watch face and that got me concerned. Like, really concerned — it was the watch I got myself on my 40th birthday and it was, up until that point, the most expensive thing I had purchased for myself. (It has since been surpassed by a my camera and two of the lenses)

This is when I start feeling really lucky to be living in Seattle. There is a bonafide watchmaker just a few blocks from me: Nesbit’s Fine Watch Repair. Today after lunch me and a co-worker (who was also having watch issues) walked in. I had called beforehand and the guesstimate was around $150 for new seals. The reality is that there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with the watch — the pressure test to 200m was fine.

The consensus was that the airplane and the heat conspired to lower the pressure inside the watch and when we landed the warm, humid air got sucked in. $25 later and a bit dryer it was all fine. My friend’s watch was re-regulated and $25 later for him as well his watch wasn’t running 30 seconds a day fast.

All in around 20 minutes just a few blocks from my office.

I’m hoping they stay around… but that’s another story.