Every time I wander through Seattle when there’s lots of events going on I have to reset my expectations of what is a “real city.” I grew up in Cleveland… it’s a city, but it’s a city that most people don’t really go to.

Then there’s Seattle — my new adoptive city — just this weekend we have PAX West at the convention center area attracting all of the gamers. Then at Seattle Center (by the Space Needle) we have Bumbershoot for all of the music people. If that’s not enough music we have Dave Mathews at the Gorge.

And this is just the major stuff.

On this long weekend we have a large chunk of Seattle leaving to get out of town, but the locals are more than replaced by everyone who comes into the city for all of the stuff that’s going on.

It’s cool living here… even if the weather is a but dodgy at times.