I got an offer in my email this morning from the local BMW motorcycle shop here in town. It’s obvious that the image is a piece of BMW stock art featuring a F800GS — I have to say that it’s pretty well done honestly. (Yes, and the BMW shops I’ve been in really do look that clean for the most part.)

The thing that got to me is the same thing that annoys me when I see perfectly good bikes being trailered out to Sturgis — the bikes are meant to move themselves. * Being in Seattle you need to be ready for it to rain. While it rains less here than it does where I came from in Cleveland, Ohio, it’s still a city that’s notorious for being wet.

And bikes work just fine in the rain. Just be careful about painted lines and metal grates and you’ll be alright. And correct gear helps too. And for 20 miles… that’s basically nothing.

    • When I see dirt bikes or bikes that are obviously race bikes, that’s a different story. It’s either illegal or dangerous to ride them on the street in many cases.