A relative has been complaining about his laptop and the fact that it never seems to work properly. This is, not surprisingly, a Windows laptop. Things slow down and various stuff slow down. Eventually talk comes about “let’s just buy a new laptop.” (and that’s such a god-awful waste)

This really brings up the question of what does it take to make a good laptop-like experience?

Basically, what needs to be done for 90% of the use cases are:

  • Browse web
  • Facebook
  • Email

Beyond this there’s a bit of photo processing (minimal, feeds into email and Facebook) and perhaps a bit of light word processing and spreadsheet.

The more I thought about this the more I starting thinking that getting him an iPad Pro was the right decision. The beauty of iOS is that it’s mostly a self-contained system; the fact that there are no user-servicable parts inside is an advantage.

Once you have things set up, it’ll keep working.

Any opposing opinions? Why wouldn’t this work?