I work in what I would consider a pretty cushy job. We have all of the normal trappings of the typical white collar job (but not a Google-level cushy with catering and all that shiznit) with coffee, tea, and a variety of the office lunch meeting leftovers that happen pretty regularly.

I tend to think that I work with a bunch of people that are pretty civilized.

Then I see what regularly happens in the kitchen on my floor. I would have a picture but by the time I arrived the building’s janitorial staff was already in the process of cleaning it up.

There was the woman with gloved hands toweling up the lake of coffee that had spread around the coffee maker and dripped down the side of the counter and formed a pond in the bottom of one of the drawers.

The question I have is who the hell would leave the mess that they created there in the first place? This isn’t the solitary occasion that I’ve seen this happen — and most of the time it’s me cleaning it up even though I don’t even drink the office coffee for the most part. It’s sad to see people walk by something which is obviously a cock-up and and not do a damn thing and wait for someone else to fix it.