Arriving at 7:04 with a reservation window of 8:00-8:30 greeted me with an unusual desolation. Based on experience in years past I’ve come to expect a carnival of people waiting in line.

Last year was the first year that they had the reservation system up and running. Even with that there was still a line. I had gotten there around 6:30 last year and there were a dozen people or so in front of me for the 8-oclock group. This time I got there and there was around 10 people sitting in line for the new Apple Watch, which didn’t have reservations. Three security guards sat around a table. Three dark-blue shirted Apple employees stood by the door.

When I arrived one of them walked up and confirmed I had a reservation for 8.

“Well, you’re the first… you may as well get some coffee.”

As 8 approached there was a steady trickle of people walking up to see if there were still phone they could buy. Most wanted the 7+ or jet black, neither of which were available having sold out a week ago quickly after the reservations opened. The waiting Watch line plumped up to perhaps 20 people by opening. There were still all of the colors, except the jet black, of the small phone and they were giving out reservations for 3 in the afternoon to the folks that were interested.

The Apple crew gathered for a last minute meeting in the back of the store shortly before the doors opened.

I have to say, walking in as the first customer of the day to applause was pretty damn cool.

I shook hands with Sean and he summoned the phone. In four minutes I had the phone activated and a leather case purchased. The balance of the morning was spent restoring the phone from the last backup and setting things up.