bblv-hb0For a few months now as Ennie and I were sitting down to slowly wind down the evening we started putting on Apple Music’s Beats 1. (This isn’t me be Apple fan-boy — I am and I’m not afraid to say so. This is me simply talking about a service they’re putting out) I was skeptical when it was first announced around half a year ago… I signed up for the free trial not expecting much, but it’s free, so what the hell?

A year or two ago we used to put on Songza for a similar feel of a new mix of music. But then Google acquired the service and subsequently shut it down.  :-(

But as I started listening to Beats 1 (yes, I am a bit annoyed at the branding, but well, I don’t give a crap as you’ll see) I really found that I more than a little bit missed DJs. In Seattle we’re lucky that we still have a couple radio stations that still have local DJs — but many (most?) markets just have syndication with songs that are very machine-picked feeling.

The art of the DJ (not from a strictly EDM perspective) almost seems to be dying art form. Growing up in Cleveland I remember listening to The End (* – brand began here in Seattle…) specifically to some local shows that I still hold dear — the one that stands out most is the one from Pat the Producer where he just played songs that you never really heard on his show Inner Sanctum.

I was listening to a show on Apple Music today from a week or so ago — the first episode of Fatboy Slim’s show. As I listened I couldn’t help but think how much I missed a well-arraigned set of songs.

If you have an iDevice you may as well check it out.