No. I didn’t buy one. Yet.

Of course, what’s pictured up there is a film camera. Sure, it looks just like my camera… It has all of the mechanical complexity with none of the electronic complexity.

I already have the gear to develop film (and paper). Loading film from bulk rolls is cheap. 100-feet of film weighs in just over $100. That’s around 16 or so rolls of film. Developing is maybe a buck or two. Scanning from there is incrementally free.

I already have the lenses. I can pick up an M6 (not pictured) relatively cheap (around a thousand, like I said, this is a relative thing… the mechanics are worth that much.) Or maybe a used M7 (like above) for around 50% more.

There is something to be said about film… the thing I always think about is that the film was there when you took the picture. The essence of the moment is forever entangled with the physical manifestation of the image. There’s something special about it.