It’s often said that a few bad apples ruin the bunch. This rings true for many things in terms of perception. Taking a look at the past couple of days it’s clear that the view of both immigrants and police is rather tarnished.

I’m purposely picking from both sides of the political divide to illustrate this point.

Imagine someone saying this:

You know, or the most part ____ are good, or at least try to be good. The problem is that a few of the ____ are assholes and tend to get all killy and the rest of the ____ seem to mostly look the other way and protect them from the outside world. It really makes all of the ____ look really guilty by association.

When the ____ does something bad, there’s always press conferences about how ____ are good people and need our support. The problem is that ____ still seem to fly off the handle with startling regularity and I’m starting to get more than a bit opposed to them.

The problem is that the blanks can be filled in with either “police” or “immigrants.” Both in the past few days or so as I’m writing this. It’s easy to see how the average person could start to get really frustrated with the situation.


The thing is I’m not opposed to either group. I really wish that both would look harder at themselves and what they can do to make things easier on themselves.