There are a few companies, er, charities that insist on sending me their money. At this point I’ve gotten good enough to extract the currency from the envelope without even taking anything else, save the nickel, out of the envelope.

That was the fate of the nickels up there. They went from the mail into a pile that accumulated in my pocket. No, I’m not going to throw away money. Nor am I going to throw away stamps, I’ll cut that shit out and use it on something else!

I didn’t ask for money from you.

I understand the proposition — it guilts the recipient into at least paying back the cash, hopefully with some more in tow.

The thing is I have an internal list of charities I donate to. If you’re not from that list of charities I’m not in your target market. You may as well not send me anything.

The second point is that if I see you literally giving away money I’m not quite sure that you’re using the money I might donate wisely. This, to me at least, is even more important. Doubly so when this is the 6th mailer I’m extracting a nickel from.

Stop it.