This was an interesting debate… it’s establishment compared to what is billed as non-establishment. (Is Mr. Trump establishment? Yeah, but that’s not the vibe from the campaign)

Ms. Clinton was put into a catch-22. She’s running on the platform that she’s a sure thing. Mr. Trump on the other hand basks in being crazy. If she attacks him for crazy, that’s a good thing for him, for his audience. I guess she could attack and say he’s establishment, but wouldn’t that make him more qualified on an absolute basis?

On the other hand all Mr. Trump needs to do is cast doubt on the career politician.

I think Ms. Clinton came off as more “presidential.” But, oddly, I think that might be a problem in this election cycle. The reason Mr. Trump is where he is right now is that he’s beaten all of the establishment Republicans; this country is tired of the establishment.