In terms of social media, one of the best news sources for me in the Seattle area used to be the /r/Seattle subreddit. As time has passed, one of the moderators /u/careless, became more and more of an evil dictator than someone that’s doing good for the community. There’s also been allegations that in meet-ups he had stalked several women who showed up for the gathering.

This has been going on for a few months at a slow simmer. In the past week this has progressed into plain old open hostility and the group split in twain.

So, in case anyone in the Seattle community is looking for a place for the community where it’s not a toxic shitstorm: /r/SeattleWA is the new place to go. In the past 24 hours it’s more than doubled in size. There’s a bit of angst still since the break is recent, but it’s the good place for Seattle chatter now.