I had a conversation today and the topic of comparing one’s self to others came up. That got me thinking.

In general I think that other people are more interesting than myself. They have cool hobbies or skills that I lack — of course they are more interesting.

One has to look in the mirror however.

What defines someone or something as “interesting” anyway? What causes you to have interest in those topics or people in the first place?

I posit that it’s the unfamiliarity and surprising aspects of the topics that makes someone interesting. But you know yourself rather well… it’s hard to surprise yourself. This, by default, makes you generally uninteresting to yourself. Then, by comparison, you’re less interesting then whoever it is that you’re comparing yourself to.

So the upshot is that people will generally find you more interesting than you find yourself.

On the other hand, if you’re so self-centered that you do find yourself interesting… well, then all bets are off.