236205-57083-alfred-e-neuman I had an interesting thought today as I was chatting with Lita about the upcoming election.

I guess it’s mostly fatalistic attitude that I’m having lately that was causing concern. But I thought about it some more.

I live in Washington. Washington is going to vote for whoever is wearing the “D” on the ballot. It really doesn’t matter a whole lot. I can vote for Vermin Supreme and be confident that my vote will not, in any way, sway the election of our next president. If I had the luxury of living in a swing state I’m sure I’d have a different calculus working through my head.

Since my vote doesn’t count for diddly I have a couple ways of dealing with things.

  1. Misery — wait for the inevitable of (pick one) Hillary/Trump winning the election and spending the next four to eight years under her/his thumb.
  2. Work for the election — I don’t like either and am not excitable enough to work for, let alone donate to either candidate.
  3. Be amused.

Since I don’t like either of the first two options that leaves the third. If I can’t affect the outcome of the election the best outcome is to look at it with the same level of concern as the Coke Challenge. Someone will win, I suppose (unless my first choice, Giant Meteor, wins!) and I’ll worry about dealing with the inevitable fallout then… worry isn’t changing the outcome for me, so why the hell should I worry in the first place?