large_4058afad-4331-40ab-9a4e-30b49c72447bLast week the drone company DJI announced the Mavic, which is a down-sized but full featured drone. It takes up about a liter of space, which is tiny. Tiny enough for me to put on the bike. It’s a very tempting thing to get and take with me on my next trip.

I’m thinking that when I sell off the metal detector I’ll order one of these. The thing I like about it, besides the trim form factor, is that it seems to be very easy to use on a solo trip. As trite as it sounds, something that I would love to have is more “selfies” on my trips. But selfies with me in the environment. And with the tracking features I think that I might even be able to get some shots of me riding the bike as well… which would be stupid cool.

Yes… more toys.