x1d-front-1600x1120-2It’s always an interesting thing watching a trade show. Even though it was a week or two ago this year’s Photokina is no exception. There’s a swing back to medium format going on with both Fuji and Hasselblad releasing cameras with bigger than 35mm / 135 formats.

I had a thought over the past couple months that I’ve been seeing more real cameras out in the wild in the past year. My hypothesis is that people have grown out of the point-and-shoots into phones… then as time passes and people get re-engaged with photography they migrate away from the tiny sensors of phones into APS and full-frame cameras.

The same progression is what I’m asserting is happening with folks from the 35mm range moving into something bigger. While the aspects of photography remain, for the most part, the same, the technical approach becomes a bit different.

I’m happy that people are starting to branch out more and more. I’m happy that cell phones, while ubiquitous, might be serving as a gateway drug to bigger things.