It’s been a week at my new team — Amazon Merch. I’ve worked with them before with an integration with another system so I’m familiar with what’s going on in general.

I switched teams after becoming frustrated with my old team. Amazon Appstore is a perfectly decent thing. It has some cool parts that set it apart from other app stores. The Underground program is cool and the neighboring team, Amazon Coins, is another stand out in terms of getting value for your money from a consumer standpoint.

The problem is that Android has proven to cause allergic reactions for me. (In the figurative sense of course)

Merch makes T-shirts. There’s a physical nature to the problems that are being solved. Without getting into details about how things work (which I won’t go into without permission of course) I have to say that my background hobbies which I write about on the blog are something that may very well help out. I’m in one of those situations where I’ll be working on problems at night simply because they are fucking fascinating to me and this is the stuff that gets me going.

I was eating with Ennie before watching Snap Judgement Live and I couldn’t help just gushing about it. It makes me happy.  :-)