I was taking a drive with Lita today and something jelled in my head about some similarities between very disparate groups.

The groups in question are the insane conservative Republicans/Libertarians and the insane Social Justice Warriors.

Let me take a step back to define these before being triggered. The insane camp of the conservative Republicans/Libertarians are the strict trickle down market economics, no regulation, sex is bad faction. (There are other defining points, but that’s the gist of it). The insane Social Justice Warriors are not those fighting for justice mainly, but to be more attention whore busy being offended at everything than actually trying accomplish anything of substance.

I’m not against people well versed in economics. I’m not against people trying to promote social justice.

I’ll call these RL for the “insane conservative Republican/Libertarian” and SJW for “insane Social Justice Warrior.” I’m simply using these as abbreviations in this context because I’m tired of typing this.

So here’s my take. RL’s can only think of people like themselves and will put the interests of those above all others. SJW’s, on the other hand, can only think of people unlike themselves and consider it bad to put your own interests ahead. In both cases neither group can empathize with those that don’t think like themselves and will resort to shaming to get their way.

RL’s point to economic theory on why they are right and how if you don’t believe it you can shove it. Deregulate away and the rich simply get richer. The poor are there based on the decisions they’ve made and they deserve no pity. Thump bible, posit economics. QED.

SJW’s fight for the little guy, thereby placing themselves on a pedestal. If you say anything against them, you’re invoking your privilege and you can shove it.

The reality is that the vast majority of the country is neither.

The thing that got to me was that neither group has any empathy to those that don’t think like themselves.

The SJW’s of Seattle are busy legislating the fact that the homeless can legally set up camp anywhere and trash anything they want with impunity. If you disagree you’re labeled a hater with privilege. (Well, most of us just want to use our parks without getting stuck with syringes or stepping in feces…)

The RL’s go for globalization at the cost of the general public. If you disagree you’re labeled a kook and can easily be left to die on the street since you caused it on yourself. (Well, most of us want a bit of fairness in how we’re treated compared to the ruling class, you know, like Wells Fargo for instance…)

When there’s no room for discussion all that’s left is senseless shouting.