Everyone has seen a Ball mason jar. They’ve been making them for a hundred years now.


Ennie and I were watching a show, Impossible Engineering, about how we’re going to get to Mars.

Towards the end, I saw a logo and had to pause it. There was a dude that was putting together the service module for Orion who had on a shirt with an embroidered “Ball” logo on it. It was the same script “Ball” as the mason jars.

I looked at it for a while then noticed a few more “Ball” shirts. I googled “Ball Aerospace.”

Sure enough… there is a Ball Aerospace. The same Ball, except they divested the jar-making side to another company in 1993… but the same Ball none-the-less.

They made a camera, Ralph, that went to freaking Pluto. Oh, they also have instruments on the Hubble.

Today I learned.