Last week I wrote about the homeless issue.

Today, on my Nextdoor feed, someone wrote:

And for the inevitable “what about the children,” I have been paying for schools for other people’s kids for twenty years (gladly, btw) so now it’s time to tell your kids that they can’t go to the park for a while so that someone else can have a place to live.  – James H.

This is the type of backward asshattery that leads a city to vote into office someone who promises to knock some heads and bring law and order back to the city.

The parks belong to all of the citizens of Seattle, and all of us deserve to benefit from it. I get the fact that the homeless need a place to stay. The parks are not the place for that — the parks are not a place for people to live. You don’t just cede ownership of public land like that — likely in violation of the original land grants at that.

It is most definitely not the time to tell the kids to stay inside. If ever it gets to be that time, that’s when we’ll get our very own Giuliani.

Unfortunately, the city council still has another three years in office. We need a new batch post haste.