Recently BMW rolled out their ReachNow program that directly competes with Mercedes’ Car2Go. Car2Go offers up Smart cars — the little hamster-like vehicles that can fit two people and maybe a lunch bag in the trunk.

ReachNow, on the other hand, lets you get pimped-out BMWs and Minis with just about all the options. You can even check out their i3 which is the all-electric model; I have to say that bad boy has some pretty gnarly pickup!

The thing with ReachNow is they set their price to be the same as Car2Go. So, if you had to pick a hamster or a 3-series BMW, which would you pick?

Car2Go got the memo. Now, “for a limited time,” you get the hamster for $0.35 instead of the old $0.41 per minute rate. Even with that, I’m not sure I wouldn’t just sit in the BMW.

Competition, in this case, is a very very good thing.