Coming home to an opened box cast away beside the porch I knew something was amiss.


Ennie ordered an anniversary present for me. It was left on the porch. And some junkie (I know, assumptions, but it’s based on previous data from around the neighborhood) decided to take it.

Fuck ’em.

It’s not like they are stealing bread or something to live. Property theft like this isn’t something that’s needed for survival.

And our councilman backs up these criminals.

“My TV was stolen and I saw it down in the homeless encampment and the police said I can’t do anything about that.” Well, you said you were just going to donate your TV to Goodwill. Someone stole it? That saves you the work. Is it really worth it to call in the police? Come on, dude.

Direct quote.

When you have the government backing up these criminals, they themselves are criminals by aiding and abetting them.

Our prisons are filled with people that were harming no one but themselves; the failed war on drugs manufactured a lot of criminals. Free them and expunge their records. For criminals that are committing crimes against others, prison. If they’re addicts (it Seattle it seems like most are): forced rehab. Get caught again: more prison.

Do the crime, do your time. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.