It’s amazing how much something silly as a kids game can do to your state of mind. On Wednesday I was watching the game (in a Chicago bar of all things), and the loss messed up my night.

Last night with the close victory I was left all akimbo with stress coming out of every orifice; I woke up with a sore back from tensing up all of my muscles while watching.

Today was a game I could enjoy without trying to tear everything out of my insides.

The thing that’s so strange is that all of this is from watching a game played a few thousand miles away. A game that doesn’t change the course of the world at all. I was talking with my friend about this. It’s about the community and the diaspora having a bit of pride. Pride proxied through a children’s game with no real importance.

Pride of community and shared hardship.

Go Tribe! One game to go!