Every once in a while you stumble upon something just plain really cool. This weekend I had one of those opportunities when I found an online map from a 1912 survey of Seattle.

Looking at all the things that are the same, like my house and the general layout. This is in stark contrast to all the things that are different: downtown, I5, across the street from me. When this survey was completed, there were no houses on the other side of 83rd!

Then looking at the anachronisms and why individual blocks are the way they are. I’m in a chunk called “Osner’s 3rd Add.” Osner, it seems, wasn’t a fan of the alley system as none of his “adds” seem to have them. Each person that purchased a set of blocks was able to plat them how they saw fit. When you look at Ballard you have some blocks that seem to go north-south and others east-west; this is because different people set them up. Then look at West Seattle and much of the Junction where my friend Holly lives is nothing like what’s there now.

Of course, Seattle ended at 85th. North: there be dragons up there back then.