Thankfully, as I write this, I need to wait two more days for the dumpster fire that is this election to come to a close. No doubt followed by the next dumpster fire set by whoever is elected president.

Last week my focus was on baseball. It was a welcome respite. Honestly, I was happier with the baseball because there is an outcome that I would have legitimately been left excited. If the Indians took Game 7, I would have been through the roof. They, of course, lost the game, but I was still happy with the result since the Cubs put up an amazing and gutsy fight.

The same level of potential excitement can’t be said about the election. It’s all various levels of disdain and misery between which I’m vacillating. The wave function of the election will (hopefully) collapse on Tuesday night, and we can go about knowing which of the terrible choices will sit in the oval office for the next four years.

Unless Giant Meteor comes before that.

We can only hope.