Looking at the various reports of the post mortem from the election it simply stuns me that the Democratic National Committee does not get it.

All of the blame that’s being doled out is to anyone and everyone except the people that ran the campaign. Anything from the media, her husband Bill, sexism, or racism. Her campaign just doesn’t want to admit that the problem, at the core, is her.

Even when pointed out from the inside, comments to that effect were laughed aside.

You can’t blame the voters. You can be annoyed at their decisions, but to be angry that they don’t think the way you do is folly. They have the same information that you do. The point of voting is to express their opinion on the matter. You need to be at least charitable and say that they might be seeing something that you may very well have missed.

We’ve gotten to the point where the traditional Democratic party of today is simply finished. Now we just have to move on.