I’ve been on Spotify for a while now, and that’s been where I keep my list of music and play random stuff. But ever since Apple Music came out I’ve been seriously considering moving to that service instead.

The plus from Spotify’s side is that they have a “Playlist Radio” feature that riffs off of a playlist to get you more varied selections. They also have a playlist sharing feature, but I don’t make much use of that.

That brings us to Apple Music. The interface is different — I would say mostly in a bad way. That said, other than the missing playlist radio, it brings live radio to the table as well as a selection that seems to be as comprehensive as Spotify’s assortment of music.

Between the two services, the bulk of the feature set is the same. You can make playlists and pick any song to play whenever you want to without any ads to get in the way. You can listen to radio or singles, or you can listen to an album straight through — or any combination thereof. In both cases you can download music locally, which I need for travel by plane or motorcycle.

That’s not to say that this has been all roses for Apple Music — with a wrong switch position my phone decided to try to download everything that my computer has ever had in its library. Ever. Including the old I.Com communist jukebox which had a hundred GB or so of tunes on it. Then add another hundred or two of my own music.. Seeing that I have just the 128GB iPhone this is a problem. I also ran into a strange issue where my playlist seemed to get out of sync with reality. Each of these could be fixed. (Spotify isn’t without flaw either with their SSD-killing bug they squashed a few months back.)

I’ve been paying for the premium version of both for a few months now, but I think I’m going to drop Spotify after four or five years because, honestly, I think I’m getting more with Apple Music.