Walking out the door this morning I found my bike on its side.

It had been a cold night, and as I stepped out of the house onto the icy steps, I got worried that someone rammed into it after a bit of a slide.

There wasn’t a mark on her. There she was, just laying on the tree lawn (or as the locals call it: parking strip) taking a nap.

My guess is that some bumblefuck, a meth head or junkie most likely, came around up the hill and tried to thieve it. Fucker. As I’m looking at the picture just now I’m pretty well convinced that someone got on and pulled the clutch, ran into the steering lock that prevents the handlebars from turning, and rolled into the curb, then tipped; I park with the wheels even to the curb.

Thankfully my theft deterrent system worked perfectly. Parking a stupid heavy bike on a steep hill is a good way to keep things safe.  ;-)

No damage was noted from the attempt. Though I did notice that a bolt had worked free from my left engine guard — having it just presented upright like that makes it easier to see what’s what.