As I’m publishing more things to YouTube I’m starting to run into a bottleneck in terms of rendering speed of my computers. I have a couple machines at my disposal, but none of them are very new at all. I have a 2012-vintage iMac which, at the time, was a fully loaded monster. The computer that I’m sitting in front of at the moment is a decently-specced 2013 MacBook Pro (before the new-fangled trackpad updates). The laptop, as one would expect despite its relative youth, is still a slower machine to run Premiere on.

I’m seriously considering an upgraded machine for rendering, among other tasks. I’m really thinking about getting a maxed out new MacBook Pro and seeing what that can do in terms of my general workflow. The only consideration I’ll need to keep in mind is the care and feeding of the Drobo, backing it up, and what machine it’ll be connected up to.

Or maybe I should just wait for the newer generation of iMac and just deal with it for it.