It’s amazing how much I learned in history classes growing up. It’s also astonishing how much I didn’t learn in those same classes.

Ennie and I started to watch a series of shows from Oliver Stone, The Untold History of the United States. We started to watch it thinking it might be a bit conspiracy, being that it’s an Oliver Stone production.

However, after the first few installments, we both looked at each other dumbstruck as we learned how much of WW2 played out in the final days. There was the notion that we, as America, dropped The Bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end the war — to prevent the loss of even more lives. “Saved millions of lives.”

Except contemporaneous accounts differed with that assessment. The Japanese cabinet was more concerned with the invasion of Manchuria that the bombs we dropped. The bombs served as a convenient excuse, but the war wasn’t substantially altered by it.

Looking at the history, we’ve been taught and how whitewashed it has been made is simply troubling. The affronts to humanity that we ourselves have committed — then forgot.

It has to make you think.

What else do we know — or at least think we know.

When in reality, we don’t.