The touring company for Hedwig is presently in town and we went down to see it tonight.

Ennie and I watched it years and years ago put on by a community theater in Cleveland, The Beck Center for the Arts. The thing that I’m finding interesting is how different the story seems to have been compared to the one I saw. Of course, my memory could be quite faulty due to the passage of the years.

While I do not remember the individual details, I’m certainly left with a different feeling after watching the show. It felt more upbeat from what I can recall.

Now, even after a few hours, I’m left with a faint unease that I can’t quite put my finger on.

The staging was amazing, certainly. The casting was well done.

But there’s still something sitting in the back of my cranium. Stuck. Something about the transformation of Hedwig into Tommy, and Yitzhak turning into Hedwig. I wish I knew how to express it.