About a week ago, Wednesday, December 7th, we got a notice that Seattle City Light (SCL) will cut power to our block from 10:30 at night on the following day, until 6:00 on Friday morning for some scheduled work on the lines.

Scheduled work — it’s what happens in a quickly growing city.

Unfortunately, it had been well known that we were in the middle of a cold snap and that, just maybe, turning off power on what could have been the coldest night of the year (with a bonus of expected snow!) might not be the brightest of ideas. SCL thought better of the notion and decided to scrub the plan. Thinking won over idiocy.

Of course, the dumb had to make a comeback. Without any warning on the following Thursday, SCL cut the power and the work at the end of the street was taking place.

What could have been appreciated was a freaking warning that it was going to happen. Maybe another flyer? A phone call? An email? The original flyer could have had a website listed? Something! We live in a tech-heavy city. There are few excuses for not contacting customers of a scheduled outage — especially one that was going to last all night.

Rant over…