ldAfter wearing my Apple Watch (Series 2 in case it matters) for around three months, I decided to revert to my old faithful Tag. Why switch back? Why try it in the first place? Anything that you miss?

The most fundamental reason for switching back to my mechanical watch is that it simply gives me more happiness. When I look down at my wrist and see the time I smile (unless I’m running late for something). The awareness of all the micro complexity that goes into making this physical artifact that can keep time withing a few seconds a day. The other real reason is the lag from lifting up the Apple Watch to it showing the display with the time. Perhaps the angle I hold my wrist when trying to read the time is atypical, but around 30% of the time, I needed to adjust my wrist several times before it would display a clock face. (Yes, I know that running the OLED display is an energy intensive operation and the system wants to minimize it.)

Why did I try it in the first place? I wanted to see if I could get to a point where I’m less reliant on my phone on the minute to minute usage. In large part, did work for that. The downside is the lack of interface size which leaves me to voice recognition. While it feels like the future, it’s something that bugs me — and half the time it didn’t work right.

Am I missing anything? Two things come to mind up front: checking the weather and setting timers. A glance at my wrist let to look at the weather complication and see the current temperature and general conditions. It’s also nice to ask “Hey Siri, set a timer for three minutes” to not over steep tea.

Another thing I won’t miss is charging the watch. My mechanical watch never needs winding, as long as I keep wearing it.

So I’m back to my old watch. And I think I’m a bit happier.