For a long while now I was really thinking about film. I started shooting with my Minolta X-700, which of course is a film camera. I had one lens, and I was happy.

When I brought it out for some videos I was shooting I started getting the bug again. It’s something that’s just in my blood. There’s something organic about film. While there are various filters and whatnot that try to emulate the look and feel of film, there’s nothing like the real thing.

In the past few months, I’ve seen a few hipsters around here shooting film. Maybe I can teach these young whippersnappers a thing or two. Like, actually teach them to develop and maybe even print their own work. :-)

As a random aside, there are only two major camera makers that still have current film cameras: Nikon and Leica. It’s a dying art form, but it’s something that should forever live in my opinion. As long as people use it in sufficient quantity, someone will keep making it.