First off I had a bit of a scare last night when UPS informed me that there was a status change to a package that was going to be delivered yesterday. It was changed to “hold for pickup.” My immediate reaction was that someone was doing some bit of weirdness and using my address in some nefarious way.

Then today I got the package.


We’re going in!

Ahh ha! This is a comarketing effort by and American Express coupled with a bit of Seahawks…

So they sent us a flag, complete with the AmEx logo in the corner…

A gift card…

And a bunch of stuff!

Like a little proto-party kit or something to watch the game.


It’s always interesting to see how a marketing campaign works and to try to estimate the cost per recipient. I’m guessing the breakdown is $3 for shipping and packaging. Contents of the box are $4 in the quantities we’re looking at. The $15 gift card doesn’t cost anything until you use it, so I can’t count that 100%

Maybe split the cost between and Amex and call it a day?