This is what I was waiting for from Japan — a new Leica M7.

Ok, so I’m misspeaking. It was manufactured around 2003 give or take a year. It’s a new-to-me Leica M7.

The camera on the right, the new one, looks like the one I had before, the Leica M Typ 240. What’s different? As you can tell by the film advance lever and the rewind knob on the right it’s a film camera.

Or, if you want to apply modern ideas — it’s a replaceable sensor camera. The sensor comes in a cassette and it’s only good for around 36 shots before you need a new one. Once you’ve used the sensor, you have to dunk it into some chemicals to see what you’ve take a picture of.  :-P

Why get a film camera? It’s a peculiar thing… it makes you think more. You can’t examine what you’ve taken a picture of. You have a limited supply of film. It’s finite, and at the same time, it’s indefinite. Coupled with all that is that it’s permanent and indelible.  (Not indestructible, but way less mutable than digital)

I also like the look of film. I have a bunch of expired film and B&W is easy to develop yourself.

Oh, and ever since I held a Leica M6 back around 1994 or so I’ve wanted one. Today I finally have my own film Leica.