Just before Christmas my team ventured out to Pacific Science Center to watch the new Star Wars movie, Rogue One. Pacific Science Center has a 3D IMAX theater setup.

We got there late. Well, late is a relative term since we were there half an hour before the film started to roll (in the virtual sense of course).

We wound up sitting in the second row of the theater kind of off to the side.

What a freakishly disappointing experience.

I wrote before about the equipment that was used to film (record?) the production. It’s the Arri Alexa 65 system which doesn’t natively do 3D at all. I suppose you could have two of the systems, but the inter-camera distance would be wonky for proper 3D. Besides, the credits had the 3D department that faked the 3D.

I’m firmly in the camp that movies are a 2D experience.

When I was trying to read the text labels on scenes I had to look at each letter instead of “reading” the word; it was just that hard to read.

Another thing is that the advantages that were brought by the large format 65/70mm format is the shallow depth of field. Couple that with the 3D pop and things just look unnatural. Hell, they look like crap.

I’m watching it properly on Sunday.

With a normal projector. With better seats.

I’m looking forward to enjoying it a lot more.