The prices on the pump:

  • E85: $3.699
  • 87: $2.999
  • 89: $3.419
  • 92: $3.549

That’s a fucking disaster on many, many levels.

First off, ethanol has a lower energy density than gasoline. From the Wikipedia page:

  • E85: 25.65 MJ/l
  • Gasoline: 34.2 MJ/l

E85 has 25% less energy than the equivalent amount of gasoline. Even with that said, this station is charging 23% more for the same quantity of fuel. That, in itself is a fail for any consumer that would choose to purchase it.

To make the fail even bigger, this is after all of the subsidies that the ethanol producers get from the federal government. Even with all the extra help, it’s still more expensive.

Then couple it with where the ethanol comes from: corn in this country. We are running cars on food that could better be used to feed people.

How is the corn grown? With fertilizer made from fossil fuels. Net net we’re not really saving the Earth in any substantial way.

Oh, and it’s generally bad for cars in the blended form. Ethanol isn’t very compatible with many of the seals and pipes that are in vehicles unless they are specially made for ethanol.

What a disaster on so many levels.

The only people that win are the farmers growing the corn.