We visited the conservatory there and wandered around a bit.

The more I shoot film, the more I remember how much I missed shooting film.

There’s a subtlety that’s missing from digital in many ways. Since I can’t define it as well it can be argued that I should shut up about it. But I won’t.

At the park, there are a few pools. They are filled with koi in the summertime. A week or so ago they found someone in this pool. She committed suicide. She had many friends but felt like she didn’t.

A memorial was left there for her on the now frozen pool.

Holly, through a red filter. Stark white.

I guess the focus does not need adjustment on the camera.  :-)

Because Space Needle and giant stone donuts.

Not Volunteer Park. Finishing off the roll of film in my own ‘hood.

All shots on Ilford HP5+ shot at ISO 400, developed in Kodak XTOL @ 75º for 8:15. Most of the shots have a filter on the lens. Varies between orange, red, and deep red depending on which lens I was shooting with. Scanned with a Plustek film scanner.