I was riding home from work today about to ride into an intersection where I had no stop sign. I know this is a sketchy intersection so I covered my controls and horn waiting for someone to blow the stop sign on the cross street that seems to have become invisible.

It’s good I did.

An asshole, obviously from Uber or another car sharing service (very likely Uber from the app they were using), decided to blow the stop sign, as I was anticipating.

The problem I’m seeing with the car sharing services is that they are not marked (i.e. I can’t tell which one they are using), and there is almost no way for me to get ahold of the service to report bad and dangerous driving.

Don’t get me wrong, I think car sharing is the bee’s knees.

I just think some minimal regulation would be a good thing. I would love to be able to call up either the city, Seattle in my case, or know which ride-sharing company is coordinating the activity to report the shitty driving.

think I sent something to Uber, but it’s like shouting down a well… god only knows if a human gets it.


at least I’m ok.