My team has acquired a “hoverboard.” I was opposed to the purchase. Two words: “workers’ comp.” One of the few ways I can figure a programmer can get injured.

We got a Swagtron T5 to enable getting between meetings more efficiently; our new building has a bit more sprawl was the claim. (No, it’s about the same… complainers gonna complain)

I’m bound and determined to learn how to ride the thing. I’ve not killed myself yet. It’s way harder than it looks. I’ve managed to be able to stand up and move at a snail’s pace without biffing.

Some folks have really gotten it mastered, though… as you can see.

(Ok, taking a step back… Amazon has a bad rap about working there. It’s like any big place, you have good places and bad. You hope to minimize the bad and let the good flourish. I happen to be in a good group. We work hard and we also have some fun. It’s not like we ride hoverboards all day long.)