Ok, a half a week ago I wrote about my dealer and how I’m waiting for the camera.

The funny thing is that I can see Glazer’s, where my camera will alight, from my office window.

There it sits… the gray building with the brick-red bottom. The red is Glazer’s.

I’ve been walking over on my lunch breaks. They’ve gotten to laughing at me and shaking their heads “no, it’s not here… we promise to call you.” Then we chat.

They have a demo on the shelf that I got to fondle a bit.

So the camera does exist.

Why do I want it?

The biggest reason by far is that it has way better low light performance. At ISO 6400 you have clean images with minimal noise. Even at 12,800 it’s still eminently usable. It can go all the way to 50,000, but by then it’s a wee bit noisy.

It also has a better viewfinder with a higher magnification, thus easier to focus. Another cool feature is that it has WiFi built in to pull pictures off with an iOS device, which I think will come in handy on my trip.

Yeah… still not here.