One of the features that I was originally thinking was “cool, but whatever” about the M10 is the fact that is has WiFi. I went out over lunch to fetch some tea at Pike Market and brought along the new camera. (as one does)

When I got back to my office I fired up my iPad and was quickly able to pull off some pictures and post them. You can say that I would be able to do that before using the SD card reader from Apple, but that has a fatal flaw. When the card has a mixture of raw and JPGs on it, the import process takes freaking forever — like it might take an hour to pull up previews from a full card.

While there are some rough edges with the connection process (like a few extra clicks that seem to serve no purpose), once things are going it’s super easy to download a subset of pictures from the camera — even if you’ve shot only raw DNGs.

Between the better low light performance, the extended dynamic range, and the WiFi, I think this is a worthwhile upgrade. There are plenty of other things as well, but these are the ones that up to this point are what’s really affecting me.