As one descends down the path of an ideology, the further one gets from truly rational thought.

If one single-mindedly defends any and all criticisms, be they right or wrong, the ideology starts to take on more aspects of religion rather than something that can impart change to the world around you. It becomes an insular enclave where the acolytes are welcome and the public is eschewed.

The walls go up, the masses pushed to the side.

True certainty takes hold. The darkness of the outside, banished beyond the threshold.

But is it dark? No one knows; the tower lacks windows to the outside world.

The fortress must be defended from the attacks. Attacks at the ideals. The attacks, they come.

Somewhere in the fight, the ideology becomes a husk. The fight must go on, because we are right, and they are wrong. They are wrong because they are not inside.

We are right because…