When I’m shopping around for something we have options. You can certainly buy things online, but the problem with that is that you’ve not actually held the thing you’re buying and never really played with it.

Then you have the option to go to a local shop and see if you can’t try things out.

The problem is that at the local shop (unless I suppose, you’re in Oregon) you’re going to pay sales tax… hence, even if things are the same price, with the added tax it’s still more expensive.

I have a policy that if I’m at a shop and I try things out… I would like to buy whatever the thing is from them. Why? Because if this shop never sells anything then I won’t have a shop that’s local to even try out the freaking things!

Of course, if there’s something way amiss with the local prices, like if I could get the same thing for half the price online, then I’ll tend to buy it online. Also, if I’m in a brand store then I might think to buy something online because the folks that run the shop will still be getting something.

Today I was trying to talk my co-worker into just that… with my favorite dealer down at Glazer’s.