If you’ve never heard of something called “Buy Nothing” you might want to check it out. It’s like a Goodwill, but without money changing hands and hyper-local. Last weekend as we were waiting for the Super Bowl to start up we decided clean up a large chunk of the family room.

There were piles of stuff that we were looking for some way to get rid of them. We don’t like to simply throw things away; the world has too much in the landfill already.

I posted almost ten items up on the local Facebook group and within a few hours, all except one thing was spoken for.

Things like a load of compact fluorescent lights for instance. We had amassed these over time, but ever since we’ve moved to all LED fixtures, there’s not a chance that I’ll use these for anything.

Even a mousepad was picked up!

Now these things aren’t in a landfill and they are at the same time out of my house. Even more of a bonus, someone is getting a use out of them!