Another camera entered the shed over the weekend. In honesty, this new one will be pushing another one off to eBay in a week or so once I’ve fully tested it out.

So, this is the Panasonic G85. It’s a micro-four-thirds camera that’ll do a double job of “random knock-about camera” and also taking over for the video camera.he Sony AX-53, while it’s good as a video camera, is a unitasker.

The Sony AX-53, while it’s good as a video camera, is a unitasker. It also has the problem of having a tiny 1/2.5″ sensor. Even with the relatively fast f/2 at the wide end, it’s still no match for the 4/3″ sensor in terms of overall area. This lets me take shots with some separation between me and the background — which was causing annoyance for me.

So the new rig will stand in for video duty, as well as providing an easy to use (*) camera for me and En when we need something more than an iPhone for the work.

The shot above of Frank was taken with the new camera with the Panasonic/Leica 15mm f/1.7 lens.

    • Ok, as I started to play with the G85 I realized how much I like the Leica M10. It has so few buttons in comparison… oy vey. I didn’t even have to read the manual to shoot it… the G85, on the other hand, requires a bit more study. But you can also turn it on and point and shoot and it works.