This is the third suck of the salve on this topic, but it’s topical for me.

Normally eBay is someplace I buy shit. I’ve bought all sorts of shit on eBay from all over the world. It’s helped fill up my house.

But now I’ve sold something on eBay.

This is dangerous.

I’m now looking around my house for things to sell instead of simply buying all the time. The fact that both of my items went for over the buy-it-now price adds to the fun… So I have my video camera, I have a GoPro (or two if’n I don’t give one away to a friend). Hell, I have some Garmin cameras too. And a metal detector.

And I think I’m pretty set on selling my Leica M-P typ. 240 as well… If I need another one I can just buy it if push comes to shove.

Another hobby.


Well I guess I have to box up some Garmin GPSs that just sold.